Wings Magazine

When I first came across volume I of wings magazine I was surprised that no one was already producing a publication of this style. 

Wings is a new, biannual publication that celebrates the beauty of aviation around the world. Created by Jack McBride, and a handful of other contributors, who over the last 2 volumes have covered stories such as ‘The Flying Boat’ film, ‘Mustangs Forever’ and a look behind the scenes of the ‘Aircraft Restoration Company’ 

In the latest Volume, Jack has widened his range of stories and content. You’ll read about Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires, Crop dusters, First World War fighters, the 2019 Typhoon display to name just a few. 

The written articles are very good, and offer us an insight into the world we love, but the main focus of the print is the imagery… and its spectacular!

Much of the image content is shot by George Romain, a man who has spent his life trying to avoid sharp jabs from Spitfire pitot tubes! Like his father John, George is devoted to aviation, and particularly historic aviation, but unlike his father whose talents lay in engineering, George’s talents lie behind the lens.

Its minimalistic style isn’t overcrowded with articles or adverts jostling for your attention. It seems relaxed, well composed and almost encourages you to dwell on every photograph. Its layout effortlessly flows from page to page and I found I was spell bound by the quality of imagery. 

I love the contemporary matt finish which gives the book style, and presence.  It looks fantastic sat on your coffee table or at work and now that we’re into volume II, the book ends look great on a book shelf or library! 

Jacks first print sold out within weeks and we’re expecting the second to do the same. 

I get the impression this publication is going to grow into something rather special…