Wilbur and Orville

I fell in love with these bracelets straight away, the idea behind them is brilliant but its the attention to detail that you notice. Based in Germany, Max Kemesies is the creator of these fine pieces, his natural talent for design and passion for aviation comes through in his work. His solid silver bracelets look fantastic and are a really beautiful way of expressing your passion for flight.

They take inspiration from the anchor bracelets which have become really popular over the last few years, replacing the Anchor with an aeroplane, the wings providing the latch rather than the flukes of an anchor.

The design has many imitations, and cheaper alternatives out there, but the Wilbur & Orville is the original and the best.

I’m really looking forward to introducing Max’s complete collection over the next few months, beginning with of course the iconic spitfire…what else! he’s also planning to develop wider selection to his range, which no doubt we’re really looking forward to.

These beautiful fine jewellery bracelets make the perfect, unique gift for that special someone.

Designer and founder Max Kemesies (Note the German registration on the C42)