Vintage Model Co.

As soon as I discovered these models I knew I had to have one. One of my favourite hobbies as a kid was to build and try to fly balsa models. Being an adult doesn’t leave me with very much time to immerse myself in complex, long term model builds anymore. But these kits are perfect as a short term project. I spent a number of weeks building mine, taking time out for 10-30 minutes to glue together the next stage. Of course now we all have A LOT more time on our hands! Making these aeroplanes is quite literally the perfect lock-down project.

Having now built and flown one of these beautiful little models (ME109) I can happily report that they are a thrill from the moment they arrive on your doorstep, to the maiden flight. The packaging is beautiful and hits all the right notes, its simple, minimalistic brown cardboard box is wonderful and when you open it you’re presented with everything you need to build and get airborne. The instructions cover absolutely everything, and the plans are really clear. All balsa wood parts are laser cut so not only are the parts perfectly pre cut, its dead simple to assemble. These pre cut parts are also great for younger builders, as it requires much less use of a sharp knife, a responsible adult can quite happily gather the parts needed for the next stage of the build and leave the young ones to it.

They come with coloured tissue paper to cover the aeroplane once its been constructed, pre-formed plastic canopy, propeller and spinner. as well as the elastic band, PVA type glue and wire for the undercarriage.

I’d recommend getting pins and a nail file or sand paper if you want to build like a true pro, but it’s entirely up to you.

Theres a variety of kits available, from First World War bi-planes to legendary Second World War fighters. All of them are true to form, beautifully scaled leading to a finished product that perfectly replicates the type.

Based in the Peak District the Vintage model Co. are the U.K’s largest producer of balsa wood models. They live and breath traditional qualities and are passionate about creating amazing quality, fun models.

  • Easy to build with no experience required
  • Comes with everything you need to build
  • Step by step instructions guiding you through with impeccable detail as well as useful tips on construction
  • Hours of fun for very little expense
  • Made in the UK

All the models in the range are ‘free flight’ meaning they are powered by a simple rubber band, no need to buy an expensive transmitter and set up complicated servos and receivers. They fly really well, with a little bit of trimming and tweaking (which is half the fun) You’ll be down the park for hours. Just remember they don’t come equipped with landing lights or night flying equipment!

For the price they are great stocking fillers for Christmas or birthday gifts for old and young alike. I’m looking forward to creating my next model and hanging it next to the 109 in my study, and I hope you’re inspired to do the same, and maybe even rekindle that long lost love of model making! enjoy.