Historic Moments, Captured

Images capture moments in time, when we see an image it vividly reminds us of that particular event, and with it, a whole range of emotions. Occasionally we’ll come across a picture that we remember forever..

When I come across these special images, I can’t help but delve into the story behind it, I have to know all the facts. When you learn more about it, it changes how you look at it and becomes so much more significant. The first three images I’ve chosen to add to my collection are important to me for severn reasons. Firstly, their composition is fantastic. The subject, the light, the moment, mounted and presented properly. The crisp definition of lines and tones illustrate so much detail, and we like the detail! They do make the perfect addition to any blank wall.

Secondly, they’re all significant moments in history…

D’Arcy Greig sitting casually atop the world beating Supermarine S.5. This was taken when Britain led the world in aeronautical design and development and was the fastest aeroplane (or anything capable of carrying a human in fact) in the world at the time. This shot was taken immediately after landing from a record attempt.

Looking at this machine from any angle is stunning. A thoroughbred racing machine designed solely for the purpose of winning the prestigious Schneider trophy

The S.5. was a variant along a successful line of racing seaplanes, designed by no other than Reginald Mitchell, who would take this design and evolve it into the legendary Supermarine Spitfire. It was poetry in motion then, and it makes fine art now.

Alan Cobham gliding over Westminster bridge moments before finishing an epic 26’000 mile return trip from Australia in 1926. Cobham, who would be knighted within days of completing this achievement, wanted his efforts to be recognised as a turning point for British aviation.

He, along with many supporters, wanted the government to be more forward thinking in their policies for the future of commercial aviation in Britain. It’s epic in its achievement, and the moment we see captured on film is striking.

I always love to look at what these individuals did, and think how different it would be, if we tried to replicate it. I don’t think it would be possible, which again is another reason why these stills are so special, they can’t be done again. at least not with the same impact.

Jean Battens story (seen in the product link below) is for me, an incredible one. The image is fascinating when you take a moment to think about what we’re actually looking at. This dainty, young women stands on her De Havilland Gypsy Moth, as it is serviced by local mechanics, somewhere between England and New Zealand in 1934. She broke Amy Johnsons record time to travel this distance by over 4 days, braking aeroplanes and bones in the process. But she never gave up, her drive or passion for adventure was remarkable.

Incredible moments captured on camera for us to enjoy forever.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce

Karl Lagerfeld

The prints I have had produced have been sourced from Getty Images. They have then been printed locally, using Giclée fine art printing techniques. Before being framed professionally

Jean Batten ‘Garbo of the skies’


Jean Gardener Batten, was one of the lesser know pioneers of her generation. Inspired to fly by her mother, and the great Charles Kingsford Smith, she set numerous solo records for flights between England, Australia and South America.

To learn more about Jean’s story, you can find out more in my blog.


Size Dimensions (mm):

Total image size: 662 Wide x 882 High x 25 Deep

Frame size: 35 Section x 17 Deep

Frame Colour & finish

Graphite, Matt finish

Natural wood grain


The paper is Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 100% acid free Fine Art paper 300gsm

The images are Giclée fine art prints, which is a printing technique which involves spraying microscopic pigments onto high-quality paper to reproduce artwork for print or display. As Giclée printing uses pigment-based ink, rather than dyes, it creates vivid, fade-resistant colours.


Our images are professionally framed, ready for you hang. With 30 years experience, each image is presented in a high quality, responsibly sourced hard wood frame, with wood backing. All images are framed in a way that prevents warping, U.V. damage, Yellowing with age, or movement within the mount. Nylon cord, securely attached to the rear can be hung on solid, wall mounted fixings. Two felt protective pads are attached to both bottom corners to protect walls and the frame from marking or paint transfer.


To protect our prints from light damage and bleaching, we present them behind a layer of cast acrylic. A high quality material, it offers many benefits: including 92% optical clarity and 90% UV protection. What is more, as it is shatter-resistant, it is much safer than glass in your home or workplace, and reduces the likelihood of damage during shipping.

Packaging & Shipping

Each image is carefully packaged in bubble wrap, with foam edge protecters, and then boxed.

Usually ships within 3 days, to anywhere in the world.

Due to the fragile nature of these items they do not qualify for free shipping.

Image quality

Every image has been handled and printed to afford the highest possible definition, and vividness off colour. However the images are historic, and do show signs of either their age, quality of the equipment used to capture the image, or the conditions at the time.

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