The Submariners

This jumper has to be the most iconic of all time. 
Introduced during the First World War by the admiralty for sailors transiting the high seas, particularly on-board submarines operating in the North Sea. it’s not changed in over a hundred years, but why? 

Its ridiculously comfortable! Really thick wool (6 ply Shetland, meaning the chunkiest and best you can get) a roll up neck makes you feel like your enveloped in a blanket of warmth, with no gaps for the chill to get in. They’re made to last as well, the wool is treated in a way that prevents any shrinkage from the wash. Mine has gone in and out several times with no colour change, damage or shrinkage.

One of my favourite features about this particular iteration created by aero clothing is the reproduction military facsimile sewn on at the bottom. It’s meant to replicate the labels sewn on by the war department for ease of identification. Many of the servicemen and women who were issued with them chose to remove the label to customise them slightly.

Because this label is sewn on with large stitching you can remove it if you want to as well. Personally, I’ve left mine on but that’s only because I’m a real history buff! 

Made to exact navy specifications from 1941 I’ve chosen this example because I can’t fault it. If you want the kind of super practical, comfortable jumper trusted by so many for so long then look no further. 

I love wearing mine whilst next to a warm fire, with a massive pair of socks on during the winter months, during the summer months sat around a BBQ with my friends when the sun dips below the horizon Or worn underneath my flying jacket whilst pottering along in an open cockpit aeroplane. 
Whichever way you like to wear yours I can guarantee you’ll be really comfortable and it’ll last you for years.

Submariner Jumper


Iconic Submariners Jumper

  • Timeless winter wardrobe essential
  • Heavy duty, 6-ply Shetland wool
  • Full roll neck
  • Removable military label
  • Original 1941 pattern
  • Machine washable
  • Proudly handmade in the UK

The ultimate in comfort. Submariners jumpers have brought warmth and protection to the harshest of environments for over 100 years. A true nautical icon, this sweater is something you’ll treasure for many years.

Created to exactly replicate those issued to the Royal Navy. Our version is based on the 1941 pattern and is a as close to original spec as you’ll find anywhere.

This jumper is intended to be larger than usual garments therefor, we recommend a size up from what you would normally order.

Please see sizing chart for details. However if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Easily one of our best sellers!