Dirty Bird Aero

Everything I feature in my collection has an aviation theme running through it….

There’s one other vital criterion to qualify for a place on my site however, and that’s utter passion

Dirty Bird Aero has this in spades. Simon, the founder and driving force behind the company, is a pilot himself and really appreciates the provenance behind every single item he produces. 

Simon’s inspiration comes from a Panavia Tornado F.3 specifically, ZG797/D ‘Desperation’, which was the last Tornado to serve in the defence of the Falkland Islands before the Typhoon took over in 2009. Each and every polo shirt and cap made by Dirty Bird has a piece of that aeroplane forged into it. An aeroplane destined for the scrap heap has been saved and recycled into something we can all enjoy today. 

So, we know why these garments have aviation running through them but what about the quality of the clothing itself? Many polo shirts that you buy from air shows and bazaars these days are the airtex type, which personally I don’t find the most comfortable. Dirty Bird have found an alternative; their range is made of a really tight weave poly cotton that’s comfortable to wear and stands up really well in the wash. The buttons and sunglasses clip are made from the aluminium mentioned earlier, melted down from the tail fin of Panavia Tornado ZG797.

Based in south central England, their customer service is brilliant. Any issues or special requests are quickly sorted by Simon and Libby, no questions asked. As a reasonably new company, they’re working incredibly hard to build a good, quality brand and it shows in the end product. 

Though the product range for now is limited, Simon has big plans to introduce new items all the time…. He also has a lot of Tornado still to recycle!

For the latest updates, product launches and reviews from Dirty Bird Aero, make sure you keep popping into Arthur Williams Collection.