Authentic models

I’ve been a fan, and collector of Authentic models beautiful furniture for more than ten years now. What inspired me about their brand was their clear love of adventure and exploration. Much of their work has a ‘campaign’ style to it, reminiscent of the golden age of exploration. It’s this narrative that runs through both authentic models and my collection that brings us together, and why I simply had to have them as part of my line up.

Having these pieces around my home, have over the years helped to create the image, and decoration I love to live by. The Balloons, and Propellers for example are a really fun addition to any room. They work perfectly in bedrooms, particularly for the little ones, but also look amazing when dressing out the perfect party venue or flying club!

The originality of their designs also brings a level of sophistication. Perfect for an office, home study, or snug they really help reveal individuality to space.

Aside from authentic models inspired creative side, the quality of their items also makes them a cut above the rest. Established in 1968, in the Netherlands, they have a wealth of experience, which they put into each of their hand made pieces. None are exactly alike.

It even extends to the packaging. When you receive an item, its carefully wrapped and protected in beautiful boxes, it’s a nice feeling to receive an item through the post, open it and be awed by your new collectable.

They offer such a huge range of wonderful things, but I’ve started small, I’ve started out with their aeronautical themed models which, as you’ve guessed by now, is kind of my thing! That being said, id love to offer their furniture designs in the near future as well. They produce these beautiful modular cabinets, and draw sets, giving you the ability to customise your perfect space. These are absolutely ideal for big and small spaces alike. Of course if you’d be interested in these units then let me know!