Singapore airshow #SGAirshow2018

I’m so proud of the team that worked across The Singapore Airshow for Embraer TV. At our first outing last June it’s fair to say we were all breaking new trails, Not just with each other as a team but also for the aviation industry as a whole. In Paris, we were the first to put together a live broadcast from an exhibitors stand. I will never forget the night before (which happened to be my birthday!) how we all sat together in a pre-production meeting despairing at the last minute details.

Pausing for thought in Singapore

Taking a minute to reflect on the Singapore Airshow

Nevertheless on that first morning, everything fell into place beautifully and the show was a huge success. We reached over 350,000 viewers and I’ve found out this week that Gravity (the creative company who were commissioned by Embraer to create Embraer TV) won four separate industry awards for our coverage.

This time round in Singapore, we felt like a well oiled machine. Aside from the addition of Meghan, Patric and Alex it was all the same team as Paris and everyone knew exactly what they needed to do. We each had our roles. The end result was near flawless coverage and a very happy client. It’s a wonderful thing to see everyone pull together like that and produce the goods, growing in confidence and being able to build on what we had already achieved.

Embraer E2 Cabin in Singapore

Embraer E2 cabin mockup in Singapore

Now is not the time to rest though. We mustn’t sit back and take the easy road. Far from it.

On July 16th The Farnborough Airshow begins and we have an opportunity to take Embraer TV to another level of excellence. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, I am really excited about what we can deliver if we’re given the opportunity again. I have loads of ideas swilling around my head that I’m desperate to implement. We will also be broadcasting on home soil which I would imagine will increase the numbers of viewers we reach. There is so much potential and opportunity for this platform that we would be mad not to continue the momentum!

EmbraerTV at the end of the Singapore airshow

A happy team at the end of the last broadcast from Singapore airshow