Live Streaming the Paris Airshow with Embraer TV

This past week I have been in Paris working with Embraer to host their live streaming of the Paris Airshow.
Embraer are the third largest producer of aircraft in the world from military cargo jets to commercial, executive and agricultural aeroplanes as well.

Arthur Williams Embraer TV Live Stream Paris Airshow

The Paris air show is the most important airshow in the world! It’s where Concorde as well as many other aircraft and space craft have first been revealed to the public. Each year the event attracts around 350,000 people and billions of dollars worth of sales signed and announced. So as you can imagine I was pretty excited to get this job!

Arthur Williams - Paris Airshow - Livestream - Embraer TV

This was the first time I had been a part of a live, corporate event like this and it was a first for Embraer or anyone else in the aviation community for that matter as well. I will admit that I was a little nervous to begin with but once we started it was great! The company I worked with to produce the broadcast was Gravity. They had never done anything like this before (hence the nerves!!) but together we pulled it off really well. There was so much content, great interviews, awesome flight displays and virtual reality that we had more than enough to keep a viewer occupied. At one point I interviewed the President of Embraer and HOP! Air France after being told only 5 minutes before. . . they’re only two of the most influential people working in the aviation community.

Arthur Williams - Paris Airshow Livestream - Embraer TV


I can honestly say that my first experience of the Paris airshow was a complete success, and working for a huge company within aviation was great fun and eye opening, being surrounded by all the new and different types of aircraft is awesome and seeing the way the demonstration and test pilots throw the aircraft around is just brilliant.
The best thing I’ll take away from my Paris experience is I had no idea you could do live television successfully with such limited resources and few people. I really hope this leads onto other jobs of the same nature and, fingers crossed, do the same again next year.

DAY 1: Opening Session

DAY 1: Afternoon Session

DAY 2: Live from #PAS17

DAY 3: We end on a high!