A truly manic end to the year.


I’m not one to normally make life easy for myself and the last two months of 2015 have been especially true of that. They say the most stressful things you can experience in life are having kids, moving home and getting married. Minus the having kids part, that’s exactly what we did through the latter end of last year.

I’d popped the question to Rebecca in September 2014 and we knew fairly early on that our big day would be a weekend towards the end of November. Great, that was set in stone and we had plenty of time to plan and pay for the occasion, no worries.

Looking back I can’t understand the rash decision on my part to start searching for a new home as well; I guess I just got the itch to move. Our previous property was a bungalow and very fit for purpose as a wheelchair user but dull as hell! I wanted somewhere with more character and bizarrely a bit more of a challenge to live in. I think I associated our last house with my bachelor years and it was time to move on and build a home with my Rebecca.

We found a beaut of a house and had an offer accepted in December 2014, which meant loads of time to complete the purchase and move in. or at least you’d like to think so! We gave ourselves until June as an absolute cutoff date to move in and start really knuckling down on the wedding, but June came and went and we just couldn’t let go, it was too nice. We held on until October, finally telling the estate agent enough was enough and we withdrew our offer. The elderly couple who were looking to downsize hadn’t found anywhere and thus couldn’t move on, so 24 hours later I received a call from the vendor himself saying they had found somewhere and were we still interested? I paused and knew exactly where the conversation was going. “Yes, very much so” I said, to which he responded “could the end of November suit you?” Knowing we were all in a forward moving chain I gritted my teeth and agreed! Bugger, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

We exchanged the afternoon before our wedding day and completed the day we got back from our mini-moon. Aside from the stresses of the house move, our big day was fantastic! It’s funny, you hold your wedding day with such high expectation that at the back of your mind you think it can’t possibly be as good as everyone says it will be. But the truth is it was, it was bloody brilliant! Rebecca was stunning, our friends and family made such effort at our tiny little local church and everyone from both sides just had the best day, we couldn’t have wished for it to go any better.

Now, a month on, we are well settled into our new house, fully embracing married life and Rebecca is on board with her new surname. Yes it was at times overwhelmingly stressful managing it all but paled into insignificance when compared to the highs.

I would never in a million years recommend doing it the way we did but I also wouldn’t change that chapter in our lives for anything.