This year is going to be awesome! We have some really good films in the pipe-line which we are in the midst of development for at the moment. Rather than the last few years where I have spent a lot of time away from the UK this year virtually everything is based in or around Britain.

The biggest project on radar at this stage is a 4 part series for more4 and channel4 exploring the world of British airfields. I’ll be flying myself all over the country in my little piper cub finding out about these fascinating sites and what goes on in and around them. Hopefully along the way we’ll meet some really interesting charters and delve into a world that is as diverse as Britain itself.

Also Ill be teaming up with Clem Green and Adam Buxton checking out what brilliant activities you can do around the country on your weekends. Its called ‘The great Escapists’ and it will be piloting in April but ill keep you informed.